13 Nov 2015 - 23 Jan 2016
Group Exhibition
Out of use: Interior
Bjørn Nørgaard, Emil Westman Hertz, Finn Reinbothe, FOS, Fredrik Tydén, Ib Braase, Jean Marc Routhier, Jørgen Carlo Larsen, Kasper Hesselbjerg, Lasse Schmidt Hansen, Marie Søndergaard Lolk, Martin Erik Andersen, Nanna Abell, Pind, Rasmus Høj Mygind, Superflex

Out of use sets out to survey art relating to interior design and the meeting between furniture, sculpture and the body. The works in the show are involved in functionality and loss of function through recycling, misuse, and transformation of everyday objects like chairs, potted plants, mirrors, beds, and blinds.

Interior design is usually associated with the private sphere and a non-public social space. Yet in several works in the show décor elements are reconstructed so that the domestic and public sphere, or singularity and design, are mixed together. The works relate to a cultural situation where everything increasingly exist as design in multiple versions, from corkscrews to sofas, and where sign value tends to overshadow use value.

Furniture is - possibly to a larger degree than other types of objects - open to an anthropomorphic reading. This means that it is relatively easy to experience them as mirrors of one's own self. In ordinary language this is hinted at when we speak of for example the legs of a table or the arms of a chair. A lamp is always also a kind of subject, a chair is a consciousness, at least this is how we often perceive it. They are things we live with and literally live in, and they are things that often live on after us in order to be integrated in other contexts.

Arguably the white cube is historically prefigured in the collectors' house screened off from its surroundings. In this sense the interior is mirrored in the white cube. On the other hand the works undermine this sense of a delimited space through their furniture-like links to everyday life and bodily use. When interior design and exhibition space are made to overlap the works drift into a scenic or stage-like atmosphere, reinforcing a sense of them as props. It reminds of how interior design is generally represented in mass media and lifestyle magazines. In this condition, design imitates art imitates design.

Artists' profiles

Out of use: Interior, installation view, 2015

Out of use: Interior, installation view, 2015

Out of use: Interior, installation view, 2015

Out of use: Interior, installation view, 2015

Out of use: Interior, installation view, 2015

Martin Erik Andersen, (Severin Severin awaits you there) transference, 2015, Dyed wool, Tibetan lambskin, silver, boot, steel, vacuum cleaner, 32 x 145 x 60 cm

Jean Marc Routhier, Still Life (Truth and other lies) Ft. Will Evergreen, 2015, White concrete, mother-of-pearl pigment, beeswax, rape seed oil, jelly, aluminium, styrofoam, sugar crystals, peacock butterfly, chinese plant parts, rose, egg, 3D print

Jørgen Carlo Larsen, Opsamling, 2011, Armchair with storage options, mixed materials, 115 x 90 x 105 cm

Bjørn Nørgaard, Fake som i et spejl, 2012/2015, Steel, steel wire, mirror, gravel, toilet, water pumpe, palm, DVD-player, goldfish, budgerigars, vacuum cleaner, mouth orgran, 260 x 190 x 120 cm

FOS, Stool, 2015, Untreated wood, 45 x 34 x 31 cm

Superflex, Investment Bank Flowerpots, 2015, 3D print and cactus

Finn Reinbothe, Remastering the World, Part Two (Blue Light), 2009, Steel, plastic boxes, lamp shade, bucket, styrofoam, paper clips, coloured light bulb, 100 x 120 x 70 cm

Rasmus Høj Mygind, Untitled (alu, mirror), 2012, Aluminium tape on mirror in glass frame, 125 x 85 cm

Lasse Schmidt Hansen, View Berlin 2012 (reconstruction), 2012, Plaster and chalk, 3 parts, variable dimensions

Marie Søndergaard Lolk, Untitled, 2013, Drawer, wood glue and mixed materials, 71 x 33 cm

FOS, Centertable, 2015, Glass, brass, patinated bronze, 81 x Ø 119,5 cm

Nanna Abell, Meeting the universe halfway, 2015, Swimwear, sunbed frame, young coconut, plastic cup, variable dimensions

Out of use: Interior, installation view, 2015

Pind & Emil Westman Hertz, Carambolage, 2008/2015 (fælles installation) Mixed materials, variable dimensions

Emil Westman Hertz, Tårenes kammer, 2015, Neon strip light, 32 x 250 cm

Rasmus Høj Mygind, Untitled (yellow, mirror), 2012, Vinyl protection tape on mirror in glass frame, 165 x 125 cm

Ib Braase, Dansestolen, 1975, Wood, aluminium and paint, 134 x 38 x 80 cm

Fredrik Tydén, Blind, 2015, Fabric, anodized aluminium, 2 parts each 153 x 84 x 56 cm

Kasper Hesselbjerg, Katalog i metalholder, 2015 Metal holder, book, ed. 1/5, 21 x 22 x 4,5 cm