24 May - 10 Aug 2013
Group Exhibition
lost for words
Artists: Martin Erik Andersen, Cosima von Bonin, Anders Bonnesen, Ib Braase, Marcel Broodthaers, Stig Brøgger, Maria Eichhorn, Jørgen Fog, Poul Gernes, Georg Herold, Marie Søndergaard Lolk, Kirsten Ortwed, Mikael Thejll, Lawrence Weiner, Troels Wörsel, Heimo Zobernig.

This show presents works all containing text in the shape of singular letters, words, or sentences, or in the shape of lines on their way to becoming language. A banner of embroidered text. A four meters long board fence with painted text. Paintings of wine labels. An authors' portrait made of shredded book pages. Words painted on the wall as part of the architecture, or inscribed on objects such as scarves, plastic chairs, or wooden laths. Serialized letters, letters painted on top of each other, letters that are gradually concealed by paint. The exhibition is a cross section of text-based art through the 60s, 80s, and 00s. It visualizes an open dialogue between historic figures such as Lawrence Weiner, Marcel Broodthaers, and Poul Gernes, and younger artists who are bringing further these juxtapositions of images and words. In many of the works the inclusion of text is a way of accentuating the physical and visual qualitites of language: its form, color, and materiality, and its relation to space, time and body. This is an opening towards others kinds of reading, where language is no longer transparent.

Artists' profiles

Installation view

Installation view

Installation view

Marcel Broodthaers, Gedicht/Poem/Poème-Change/Exchange/Wechsel, 1973, print, 2 dele på hver 98 x 68,5 cm

Troels Wörsel, Uden Titel, 1988, olie på lærred, 250 x 200 cm

Poul Gernes, Uden Titel (a), 1967-1968, alkydemalje på masonit, 91 x 122 cm

Marie Søndergaard Lolk, Uden Titel, 2013, akryl og træ på plade, 148 x 122 cm