24 Feb - 4 Apr 2012
Morten Schelde
Leap of Faith - Children of Suburbia IV
Morten Schelde’s Leap of Faith at Galleri Susanne Ottesen is his first major solo exhibition since the completion of his site specific work at The Royal Palace, Amalienborg in Copenhagen. MS’s new paintings bring us deeper into his universe and depict how he has continued the development of his work in painting, theme and method.

MS experiments with our perception of reality, spatial understanding and experience. Comforting homes, deep forests, wild wolves, staircases luring us from room to room mix imperceptibly and mesh with cultural references. The works produce spatial situations instilling uncertainty in the spectator posing the question if the spaces we see are real, emotional or imaginary. Essentially it is important that we are allowed our own perceptual space for ourselves to induce meanings and experiences.

The home in MS suburban investigations is an expression of the physical framework of our lives but also of the mental and emotional spaces, which bond our perception of home, family and personal values. Experiences are individual and manifest themselves in relation to time and space. In the works of MS spaces and proportions become structures, which variably enhance and decrease the cognitive spaces integrating and expressing them as a common realization of a visual universe. Leap of Faith reveals this universe to us – a universe, which might be MS’s, but also our own – we are hereby invited to consider our experiences and values of what is important to us and what we as human-beings have in common.

La Morte, schhh, 2012, 240 x 300 cm, oil on canvas


Vi smider spekulanterne ud, 2012, 187 x 240 cm, oil on canvas


Wolves & bats, 2012, 270 x 240 cm, oil on canvas