15 Apr - 20 May 1994
Troels Wörsel
Nye Arbejder
Troels Wörsel's (b. 1950) approach to art stems from a fundamental interest in the painting and its devices, its history, function and formal characteristics. Troels Wörsel has created a highly media investigative and semiotic artwork, where he submits the painting to a range of investigations of its semantic potentials. He draws upon inspiration from numerous places in the art history, but in a way where no particular 'ism' or direction becomes the driving force. Troels Wörsel's work is created through continual investigations, a process that has become a necessity for its development, and which leads to original and personal expressions and ensures a constant evolution. Traces of American Pop Art are evident along with, Minimalism and Concept Art, but at a closer look traces from the European art history are revealed as well, Velásquez, Picabia, Duchamp and Mondrian appear to be some of the influences as well as Renaissance and Baroque. Because of the many influences one would think that the expression would be eclectic and fragmentary, but contrary to this the works appear strong and as well as visually harmonious also intellectually well grounded.

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